20 Questions Brought Up By The Grammy Nominations


Last night’s Grammy nominations show was full of pomp, eyeliner, and people on Twitter becoming very confused. Here’s the complete list of nominees; below, 20 questions that we’re still wrestling with some 14 hours after the broadcast signed off.

1. “Super Bass”: Robbed or totally robbed?

2. Now that Rihanna is officially an Album Artist thanks to her Album of the Year nod for Loud, are critics going to rush to reevaluate Talk That Talk before they file their Best Of ’11 lists?

3. A song from freakin’ Family Guy gets a nod in the Best Song Written For Visual Media category but the Lonely Island’s “Jack Sparrow” doesn’t? Come on.

4. Is the Sum 41 song that’s up for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance really that hard? Answer: No, unless you think that ripping off the far superior My Chemical Romance is now metal.

Pretty sure it’s also about lead singer Deryck Whibley’s ex Avril Lavigne—”And I’m over you, congratulations/ Thank you for all the pain/ ‘Cause it made it be so much more fun”—which counts for, like, extra points off.)

5. How did all that category consolidation result in only four nominees (including Tinariwen and Femi Kuti) making their way into the Best World Music Album category?

6. When does the owner of the “Who Is Bon Iver?” Tumblr start selling ads?

7. Was Taylor Swift actually for-real surprised this time when news came down that Speak Now had been shut out of all the big awards, and was instead relegated to the country ghetto?

8. Can someone ask No Doubt—formed in 1986 and up for Best New Artist in 1997—to explain the Grammys’ arcane process for selecting nominees in that particular category between now and February 12?

9. Did Lady Gaga singing the barstool lament “Yoü And I” with Sugarland cement the song’s victory in the Best Pop Solo Performance category, or did it just serve as a sign that Stefani Germanotta is the next Jon Bon Jovi?

10. Did you know that if you cut Skrillex’s hair and bleach it, you have the ‘do sported by his Best Dance Recording rival Robyn? (Or vice versa, whatever.)

11. Beyoncé: Robbed or totally robbed?

12. Did Kanye West split the nominators’ vote between My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne?

13. How did “Monster” (released October 23, 2010) not get nominated for anything at all?

14. Did everyone confused by its nomination forget that Mumford & Sons’ “The Cave” was released to radio in early October 2010 and ultimately peaked at No. 2 on the rock chart?

15. Rock radio that doesn’t specialize in “the classics” has really taken a beating in the popular consciousness, huh?

16. Can “Weird Al” Yankovic pay homage to the five other videos nominated against him in Best Short-Form Music Video—by Adele, Memory Tapes, OK Go, Radiohead, and Skrillex—with a clip where he combines Thom Yorke’s dancing with accordion dubstep?

17. Is Best Traditional R&B Performance, which pits Eric Benét against Cee Lo Green against R. Kelly against Raphael Saadiq against Betty Wright and the Roots the most competitive category? Answer: Yes. But I hope this wins:R. Kelly, “Radio Message”

18. When can we expect the four-on-the-floor remix of “Holocene,” the delicately meandering Bon Iver song up for Song and Record of the Year? (And will it be by David Guetta or Afrojack?)

19. All this Bon Iver as new Arcade Fire talk is going to seem really silly when “Rolling In The Deep” sweeps everything, huh?

20. Will Justin Vernon help Kanye West storm the stage when Adele’s 21 inevitably wins Album Of The Year two months from now? He got snubbed, too!