Face Tattoos Not Super-Duper Compatible With Life of Crime


When considering a criminally focused lifestyle, or even just a singular instance in which you rob a restaurant or store or person with eyes, one should know that a large, recognizable facial tattoo may be incompatible with said life of crime or singular instance of theft. The name of the game is “inconspicuous,” while tattoos are…not. Jorge Molina, 22, allegedly stole $670 from Souen in the East Village on November 14. A few days later, on November 20, he was “allegedly running from police in Greenwich Village” when cops remembered him from the Souen surveillance video for his clothing, not to mention his bird tattoo, which is black and covers his right cheekbone. (DNAinfo has photos.)

Police think Molina, who is now in Rikers on $15,000 bail, had an accomplice (who apparently does not have a facial tattoo) but haven’t caught the second man yet.

This is not the first time a bird tattoo has helped police identify a suspect, but we have to say, Molina seems pretty sharp compared to the guy who had the murder he committed tattooed on his chest. Or the “Fuck the police” face tat guy above, for that matter.

Speaking of birds…they do spruce up a place!

Face Tattoo Gave Away Accused Village Restaurant Burglar, Police Say [DNAinfo]