New Yorkers May Soon Enjoy Ads on Our Taxi Receipts


If every available surface is not covered with an attempt to get us to buy something, are we even Americans? No. Hence, the completely ad-wrapped subway car, the vintage subway car that is itself an ad, the giant billboard-ization of Times Square (and everywhere), and all the enterprising young people tattooing themselves with company slogans for money (you won’t regret that!). Related: The TLC will consider whether to put ads on the back of cab receipts, which would mean that receipts would get larger and your wallet would need cleaning out on a more consistent basis. The New York Post reports that the issue will be discussed a public hearing on the 19th of January.

As you’d expect, plenty of people think this is a terrible idea, and plenty of people (mostly people who work in marketing) think it’s fabulous. Taxi officials say that this would be GREAT for passengers, because it’s an additional source of revenue (a/k/a, maybe fares won’t have to go up). They know how to get us.

Alas, poor strip clubs and other “sexy businesses” would be prevented from advertising on the back of cab receipts.

But the problem, or perhaps the beauty, of this whole concept is…who looks at the back of their taxi receipt, anyway? If we could put all advertising on the back of taxi receipts, maybe we’d be getting somewhere.

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