Video of Ray Kelly’s Columbia Heckling


Remember how Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was heckled by Occupy protesters at Columbia this week? There’s now video of the incident online, via Democracy Now! reporter Ryan Devereaux.

Kelly was speaking to former mayor David Dinkins’ urban public policy class at Columbia, where Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance Jr., federal judge George Daniels, and former judge Milton Mollen were all in attendance.

You can see the projected images of police arresting and using force on Occupy protesters from the beginning of the video. Kelly seems not to notice.Things get way more awkward around 1:55 as NYU grad Alexandre Carvalho asks Kelly, “Why don’t you resign?”

Gothamist has video of what happened after class, as Stop Stop and Frisk activist Matthew Swaye followed Kelly out, telling him “Thank you for making the city safe for white heterosexual males”.