Here Is A Supercut Of Every Time Wu-Tang Clan Shouts Itself Out On Its Albums


Presented for your enjoyment and compiled by one Conor Lastowka: An audio supercut of every time the Wu-Tang Clan shouts itself out—by its collective name or individually—across the group’s five studio albums. Lastowka spent “a few hours” putting together the clip, and he came to this conclusion, which might not surprise you: “They say Wu-Tang a lot. It peaks with 36 Chambers, still gets brought up a lot on Forever, and sort of trickles out by the last two. I guess they really wanted to establish who they were. Note that I tried not to include repeated hooks like on ‘Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing to F With’ or ‘High as Wu-Tang Get’ just because they sounded repetitive, and there were still plenty without them.” Noted.