Sad Ex-Boyfriend Asks F Train for Help Getting His Girlfriend Back


All is fair in love and war, which means wearing a sign on the F train that says “I love this girl!…Help me get a second chance,” with a picture of said girl, and asking people to write “words of encouragement” on how to get that girl back is totally and completely acceptable, if not totally and completely sane. But who are we to judge? We feel for this guy, and not only because he’s walking around underground in a billboard! Others apparently do, too: A tipster told Gawker that some of them did sign the sign, though most people were practicing the established subway methods of “avoid and ignore the weird yelling guy” on the train.

Said the tipster:

The intention is for him to present this to her as proof of his devotion and creativity… He didn’t say why she dumped him, other than he ‘screwed up.'”

From what we know of relationships, “screw-ups” are more traditionally resolved with dinners out and discussions and promises and lengthy weep sessions than they are with self-induced humiliations and craft projects. But we don’t know this man at all, nor the girl he says he wants back, and maybe this works for them. Or, maybe this is the pilot for a new MTV scripted reality series. In any case, the photo is rather cute. Go on, you crazy kids, patch things up and go get a nice sandwich together.

Girl, Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Wearing a Huge Photo of You and Yelling on the F Train [Gawker]