Watch Out for the Semi-Naked Santas Running Through Astoria This Saturday


Here is another reminder that the most wonderful time of the year is weighing upon us like last year’s leftover fruit cake. If you find yourself in Astoria tomorrow between 12 and 4 p.m., you should know that the semi-clad Santas running through the streets are doing it for charity. It’s the second annual Santa Streak, in which 100 or so residents of the neighborhood are expected to participate in a one-mile run wearing “only Speedos or similarly revealing holiday costumes.” For a good cause! Why Leave Astoria, the organizer of the run, asks participants to bring old coats and clothes to donate to New York Cares: “take it off, strip down as far as you want, then run like hell to the secret bar where we’ll be serving up some free suds.”

The Daily News reports that the group doesn’t have a permit for the run, so the details are being kept quiet. Ran Craycraft, the founder of Why Leave Astoria, is sending out private messages revealing the starting location and race route. Craycraft tells us “We’ve left countless messages at the local precinct, but they have not granted us a parade permit as they did last year.”

We do know that there will be prizes for the slowest runners — Astoria Park Wine & Spirits is very kindly offering a bottle of Veuve to the last to finish, as “they’ll probably need a drink.”

In related news, SantaCon, the annual event in which drunken Santas swarm the streets of New York City to spread cheer and goodwill and tomfoolery and the general annoyance of certain people, is just 7 days away. Aren’t the holidays fun?