Zoku: Instant Ice Pop Maker, Gift Suggestion No. 1


Zoku: It reputedly makes “healthy” frozen pops on the countertop in seven minutes.

Tired of making your own alcoholic popsicles by mixing up the hooch, pouring it in cheap plastic molds, popping them in the freezer, and then waiting hours for your treats to gestate?

Available at Williams-Sonoma and Amazon, among other places, Zoku sounds like a galaxy-hopping robot, but it’s really just a device to make ice pops fast. The hype suggests you’d want to make “healthy” pops, but why not be decadent and make all sorts of weird shit?

Savory pops, flavored with tinctures and herbs? Why not? Frozen organ-meat treats? Go ahead. Or why not concoct something infinitely chocolaty and creamy?

Prepare to make pops by shoving the thing in a freezer for 24 hours, which presumably means less premeditation if you just leave it in your freezer full time. Of course, who has that much room in their freezer? My problem is that my crappy fridge doesn’t get cold enough, and if you can’t make an ice-cream maker work in your freezer, this device is not for you, either.

On the other hand, if your intended recipient has a rock-hard freezer, and likes to experiment with iced confections, get one of these for that someone, who will then use it to make ice pops for you. Merry Xmas!

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