Paring Knives and Other Small Blades, Gift Suggestion No. 2


There’s quite a selection of small knives at Bowery Kitchen Supplies. Click on image to enlarge.

I case we didn’t mention it earlier, this feature will run sporadically until Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa. It seeks to suggest gifts of particular interest to foodies and cooks, things that they probably don’t already have. Some of the gifts will be novel and useful, some simply absurd.

Emphasis nowadays is all on the big and medium-size knives. The broad-bladed Chef Knife is king, with Cleaver the queen. Somewhere in the mix are deboning knives, bread knives, and other medium-bladed cutlery.

Somehow, the paring knife has become lost in the shuffle. But these small knives are exceedingly useful, whether paring applies, cutting the eyes from potatoes, mincing green onions, or simply inflicting a small flesh wound on a friend. And there’s quite a selection at Bowery Kitchen Supplies in the Chelsea Market.

Moreover, they’re not too expensive, and constitute gifts that are easily carried home if the recipient plans on flying and is willing to pay the $25 bag-check charge.

Newest of the lot are the ceramic knives, which hold their keen edge without sharpening, and are beautiful to behold: The blades often come in pastel colors, and assume unusual shapes. (Caveat: These knives must be carefully handled, not only because of their sharpness, but because they can easily chip along the blade.)

I’m using one at home, in the shape of a miniature cleaver, and, to quote McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it!”

Bowery Kitchen Supplies
Chelsea Market
Ninth Avenue and West 15th Street

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