Rayon McIntosh Plans to Take “Civil Action” Against McDonald’s After Metal Rod Beatdown


As we reported earlier, McDonald’s employee Rayon McIntosh was cleared of all charges stemming from the infamous beating of two customers who charged at him behind the counter at the fast food chain’s West Village location in October. A grand jury ruled that McIntosh was provoked by the two women, citing the graphic viral video of the event as evidence. DNAinfo spoke with McIntosh over the phone after his release from Rikers Island, and he said he feels “elated” and “splendid.” He also said he wants to sue McDonald’s.

McIntosh was fired after the incident and plans to take “civil action” against the chain, citing a lack of security at the busy West 3rd Street restaurant. “We were begging them to get security…The McDonald’s itself is a problematic store. It has a high, concentrated number of people every day…In the Village, it’s crazy.”

DNAinfo spoke with a McDonald’s USA representative who said they had security working on weekends at the location. After the October 13th incident, which happened early on a Thursday morning, they added security on Wednesday nights as well.

Without the aid of the camera phone video captured by a customer, McIntosh may not have had a case. If you haven’t seen the footage yet, take a look. (Warning, it’s pretty damn gruesome):

In regards to the video, McIntosh said, “Whoever that person was who got those shots and uploaded them, may God bless him.”

God bless us, everyone.

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