DEA Money Laundering; German Evacuation From WWII Bombs; Socrates Dies


A New York Times report says the Drug Enforcement Administration has laundered money for drug cartels in an effort to “identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are.” This controversial tactic was banned from use in Mexico in 1998, but due to an increase in drug-related violence, the practice has been used with “hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash.” The DEA “often allows cartels to continue their operations over months or even years before making seizures or arrests.” [NYT]

45,000 people in the German city of Koblenz have had to evacuate after the discovery of three allied-dropped WWII bombs. CNN reports that four-man crews are working to deactivate the bombs which were discovered in the Rhine River when water levels dropped last week. “The largest of the explosives is a 1.8-ton British air bomb that has the potential to destroy the city´s center,” but a “much smaller, 125-kilogram (275-pound) American high-explosive bomb” has proven far more difficult to deactivate. [CNN]

Brazilian soccer legend Socrates died today at the age of 57 in Sao Paulo. The Telegraph reports he was “interned with food poisoning which developed into septic shock,” and that “it was the third time Socrates has been taken to hospital since August when he spent nine days there due to a digestive haemorrhage caused by excessive drinking.” Socrates never won a World Cup, but the midfielder was one of the most beloved players in soccer history, captaining legendary Brazil squads of the early and mid-eighties. [Telegraph]

LSU and Oklahoma State were the big winners in college football conference championships last night, with the Tigers beating Georgia 42-10 to take the SEC crown and the Cowboys beating Oklahoma 44-10 for the Big 12 championship. Elsewhere, Wisconsin beat Michigan State 42-39, Baylor defeated Texas 48-24, and Clemson took down Virginia Tech 38-10.

Expect a cloudy day today with highs in the fifties. [TWC]