Casually Pepper Spraying Baby Jesus: Meme of the Year Meets Christmas Sweater


It’s that time of year again…the time we talk about ugly Christmas sweaters. Alas, as ugly and wonderfully retro as your Christmas sweater may be (we are sure it’s quite hideous), you are never going to beat this Christmas sweater, at least not this year. Abbie Heppe, Community Manager for Respawn Entertainment, trendsetter, attended a party recently wearing this garb, which she created in an undeniably magical moment. A friend submitted her picture to Reddit and the rest, as they say, is history. Pepper spray sensation + Bible sensation = VIRAL sensation.

For the high-minded, this is a statement about police brutality and how the powerful prey upon the weak, as well as a look at the omnipresent meme-ification of contemporary culture. For the low-minded, this is simply hilarious. For the religious, this is baby Jesus. For most of us, this is some combination of the above.

Kudos, Abbie Heppe.

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Casually Pepper Spraying Baby Jesus Christmas Sweater [BuzzFeed via Copyranter]