McDonald’s Employee Rayon McIntosh Won’t Be Facing Charges in Metal Rod Beating Case


The dramatic saga of the McDonald’s employee who attacked two unruly female customers at the West 3rd Street location of the burger chain has come to an end. The employee, Rayon McIntosh, was cleared of felony assault charges after spending nearly two months at Rikers Island.

McIntosh was fired following the incident, and now plans to file a suit against McDonald’s for not keeping him safe (the Greenwich Village McDonald’s has also hired in-store security for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights). The incident was controversial, with a cell phone video showing McIntosh being provoked by the female customers, who jumped over the counter. In retaliation, McIntosh fractured the skull of one woman, Denise Darbeau, and cut the arm of another, Rachel Edwards. According to DNAinfo, both women were charged with trespass, but it was not clear if they were indicted. Was McJustice served?