Queens Mother and Daughter Shot in the Head in Astoria


An 57-year-old Astoria woman named Olga Borodina Annarumma and her daughter Valeria Lowery, 25 are in the hospital after being shot in the head in their home this morning. The shooting took place shortly before 9 o’clock this morning; one of the women was shot three times (once in the head) and the other woman took one gunshot to the head. They are both listed in extremely critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital. Police have taken in Guerino Annarumma, 52, the mother’s estranged husband, for questioning. According to the Daily News, today was the day divorce court proceedings were scheduled to begin.

Local blog Why Leave Astoria dug up the suspect’s blog, which is full of ranting and raving about his jealousies over Olga. For example:

This is for you Olga. It’s Guerino, you remember these pictures, thats all your friends who did the same thing like you for the green card. I always loved you from the first day I met you in 2001 until 2009, then you got me arrested for nothing, runined my reputation and broke my heart. God will make you pay. Do you remember when you used to read the bible, you went to church too. You don’t need to go nowhere beacuse you are a peice of shit you have no respect, you never showed respect toward me.

The Daily News reports that Annarumma was arrested today about a mile away from the shooting and taken into custody.