Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Flight for Playing Words With Friends?


Well. In an apparent response to the rumors spiraling on the Internet — was Alec Baldwin, New York’s possibly future mayor, kicked off an American Airlines flight moments ago…for playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS!? Do we even live in America!? There is the above. Consider this…breaking.

Obviously, we’ll update as we have more.

Update: TMZ reports that Baldwin did get off the plane, and was moved to another flight — though “it’s unclear if Baldwin was removed from the plane or left voluntarily.” Also, they’d like to point out that Words with Friends is “SUPER addicting.”


There’s also this side of the story [obviously, consider the source]:

and, scene:

Update 2: Baldwin has now apparently deactivated his Twitter account.

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Why Was Alec Baldwin Just Kicked Off His Flight? [Gawker]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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