Eggnog the Artisanal Way? Ronnybrook Farm Is Happy to Coat Your Lips


Traditionally, the holiday season starts on Black Friday — a/k/a the day that crazed shoppers brave getting pepper sprayed and/or trampled in the midst of retail madness. However, there are other (read: more sensible) signifiers that Santa Claus is coming to town. Robert Sietsema’s gift guide is one. Another is the return of eggnog to supermarket shelves.

There seem to be two camps in the eggnog world. Some people love it while others abhor the sludgy drink. Though the creation myth on this beverage is shady at best, it can’t be disputed that it’s become a symbol as synonymous with December as drunken office parties and ugly Christmas sweaters.

If you’re seeking out an “artisinal” version of eggnog, look no further than Ronnybrook Farm’s. Out of all the store-bought versions, this local, kosher, organic nog is the most creamy and “eggy.” The hit of nutmeg is in-your-face but not extreme. It’s even better with a splash of liquor — rum is good, whiskey is better, bourbon will knock your socks off. Bonus: The heavy glass bottle can do double duty as a vase. Not a bad thing to have on hand when guests arrive bearing supermarket flowers.