London’s Name For Its 2012 Olympic Village: ‘East Village’


A new East Village is about to spring up all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. London is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics and they’re naming their Olympic Village the “East Village,” somewhat unimaginatively. East Village 2.0 will house 6,000 people and when the games are over it’ll be a big cheesy development, kind of like our East Village over here.

The phenomenon of ripping off the East Village has already happened in Calgary of all places, the Local:East Village notes.

London’s East Village will consist of “1,439 private homes mainly available to rent and 1,379 “affordable” homes for buying and renting,” according to the BBC. It basically sounds like its own little city: the East Village will have a school, shopping, a medical center, a park, and so on.

What it won’t have: crusties in Tompkins Square Park, Trash and Vaudeville, and our very own Village Voice. Nice try, London.