Oscar Mayer Brooklyn Rolls Out ‘Brunchables’


Like a Saturday Night Live skit, this fake commercial touts a new product — Brunchables — that’s nearly believable, featuring a group of sophisticated tweens who might be our own pretentious foodie progeny.

The product is said to come from the Brooklyn branch of Oscar Mayer, the Wisconsin-based meat conglomerate responsible for the product Lunchables, which finds its way into school lunchboxes all across the country. Needless to say, such an Oscar Mayer facility is nonexistent.

And the product represented by the fake commercial is not such a remote possibility, after all, since there are now 43 different types of Lunchables, some featuring gourmet ingredients like bottles of spring water, Dijon mustard, herb sauce, and Swiss cheese. Some of the newer ones represent hero sandwiches, while others are grilled-chicken wraps, cheese-drenched nachos, and slices of pepperoni pizza.

So bring on the Brunchables!

How strange that Brooklyn is now thought of as the cradle of twee food worship, at least in the context of this wonderful video.

Thanks to @morgbot99 for the link.