Chick Beer: How Does It Taste?


Remember Chick beer, the somewhat controversial brew for ladies from founder Shazz Lewis? Our interview with Lewis sparked a big debate about whether companies should use gendered marketing to sell alcohol. Many people were against the whole notion, while others fully embraced the chickness. Now, theoretical discussion is one thing, but there was very little debate about how the beer actually tastes. So Zagat put the suds to a blind taste test along with Coors Light and Sly Fox Pikeland Pils.

Three people tested out the beers for Zagat, including a “feminist,” a beer expert, and a “dude.” Only one person correctly identified the Chick beer, and, somewhat surprisingly, the team had fairly positive things to say about the flavor of Chick. As the feminist noted, “If you make a good beer, then people are going to like it.” But the real winner here is unquestionably the dude. After chugging three beers in minutes, who doesn’t feel like a champ?