Dog Bank From Choken-Bako at AC Gears, Gift Suggestion #4


Toss a penny in the dish, and the dog laps it up.

Today’s present in our Christmas gift countdown comes from Japan, but you can find it at computer gadget store AC Gears, where you can get other foodie gifts, too, like thumb drives in the shape of chicken wings and sushi.

Adorably, the dog in question — which must be a beagle, right? help me out dog lovers — has a tongue hanging out, just waiting for you to feed him. In the store, there’s a pile of pennies that allows you to play with the dog, if not buy.

The spiel on the box goes something like this: “Usually it’s because of your pet dog that you spend money on food, but Choken-Bako from Happinet, Japan, is different. The dog actually saves money every time you feed it some coins!”

Well, maybe not after you’ve paid $55 for this in the store. (Check out the price on Amazon before you buy.)

AC Gears
69 East 8th Street

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