Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria’s Porchetta: A Sandwich For Pigging Out


In today’s review, I visited the new Il Buco spin-off, Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria (53 Great Jones Street, 212-837-2622). The spot functions as a sit-down restaurant, but also boasts a café and gourmet grocery up front. During the day, watch the well-heeled office-worker crowd picking up tasty sandwiches for a lunch break. In fact, just yesterday, Eater named the spot the number one sandwich addition of 2011. While I’m not quite sure it’s my absolute number one sammy of the year, I do have a soft spot for the hefty porchetta sandwich, which packs what looks like a pound of pork into a soft roll.

Now, one thing’s first: This sandwich is not cheap. I generally have a hard time paying over $10 for a lunch of meat-on-bread, and this baby is $16. But it is really large, and you could theoretically share it with someone else, if maybe you got a piece of cheese or something on the side.

This porchetta, made with Flying Pigs Farm piggies, is heavily scented with rosemary and herbs, and is some of the moistest, richest porchetta in the city. It has a nice pig flavor and just enough of an olive oil drizzling for that unctuous mouthfeel. The original Il Buco porchetta had its fans, and we’ve got to say that this version (served on a freshly baked roll instead of ciabatta) might be even better. It’s a sandwich for when you want to pig out. Literally.

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