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Mark Malkoff, Free Cab Rides Guy, Now Riding Around NYC in Cube


Comedian Mark Malkoff is known for pulling various stunts around the city. We last wrote about him when he commandeered a taxi for one day in order to give New Yorkers free cab rides. His most well-known move was living in IKEA for a week in 2009. Today, Malkoff is spending his time touring New York City — in a mobile plexiglass cube.

Malkoff is partnering with Kodak on this project. The tour is done in accordance with the launch of the Kodak Moments app, which allows you to create a photo album with your Facebook photos. According to the press release, Malkoff will ride around, waiting for people to free him by freeing one million Facebook photos. According to Kodak, the billions of photos stored on Facebook need to be given their freedom, and the way to help is by downloading the new app or using an 8 X 10 collage coupon at a Kodak kiosk. You can follow Malkoff’s adventures on Kodak’s Chief Blogger Twitter.

Thus far Malkoff has stopped at places like Madison Square Park and Bryant Park, where he gave away ‘wichcraft cookies. If you want more free stuff, try to follow him. Those cookies are damn tasty.