Staten Island Borough Prez Orders Staff to Add ‘Buy American’ Text to All Correspondence


Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro has a new plan to inject some life into the American economy. He’s told his staffers to affix the words “Buy American” to all constituent correspondence as part of a new “Buy American” campaign. This should work!

Molinaro said in a press release, “The American people need to stop relying on Washington politicians to dig us out of this economic mess. Thankfully, there is something we can do all on our own: Buy American products and put Americans back to work.”

It’s unclear what the “Buy American” campaign involves apart from the slogan. A press conference is being held today to explain further.

Molinaro is full of ideas these days. Just a couple weeks ago, he hung a cruel portrait of the director of the Brooklyn Museum in S.I. Borough Hall, explaining to the Voice that “it’s a beautiful piece of art.”