The Dutch for Your Holiday Bash? Some Private Party Notions for You.


Some folks wait all year long to throw back a few drinks with their otherwise buttoned-up co-workers. Some just call that Friday night. If you’re in the latter camp, then you probably would rather spend your holiday party embarrassing yourself somewhere cool, rather than a stuffy dive bar or cafeteria-like catering hall.

New York City is full of private party spaces. Ever noticed the hidden downstairs room at Blue Ribbon Bakery on Bedford Street on your way to the bathroom? Bingo! Perfect holiday party for your nearest and dearest cubicle-mates. You’ll find similar setups at the Smith (East Village) and the Jane (on Houston), to name a few.

If your office is more start-up than Giant Vampire Squid, look no further than Aburiya Kinnosuke. The Midtown East izakaya features large semi-private booths where you can knock back sakes and tsukune (chicken meatballs).

For more of a throw-your-profits-to-the-wind blowout, there’s Silver Lining/Bogardus Mansion in Tribeca. The space can accommodate groups from 40 people up to 150. Since this is technically a “banquet hall,” feel free to get down on the dance floor without worrying about the venue holding a cabaret license.

However, if you truly want to impress your co-workers and influence people, look no further than the Dutch. Andrew Carmellini’s redo of Soho’s former Cub Room space is not only brave, but the food is brilliant. The private dining room boasts one large boardroom-style table, its own bar and a private entrace so your watercooler mates can stroll A-list-celebrity-style through the back door. It only holds 16 people, so you may have to leave the interns out of this one. Maybe you’ll just invite them to the after-party.