We’re Mad-off as Hell! There’s a Site for Frustrated Mets Fans


Are you as sick about the loss of Jose Reyes as I am? Have you had it with the bullshit excuses from the Mets front office about Reyes’s injuries? (Didn’t Mickey Mantle have a lot of injuries? Would you have signed Mickey at age 28, the age Jose is now?)

Are you angry at the insult to the Mets’ best player that they let him leave town without even making him an offer? Have you had enough of this evasive double talk about how Sandy Alderson is going to turn the team around with “Moneyball”? That’s the sports media’s new catch phrase for strategies that don’t work based on histories that never happened. Translated into practical English it means: “Don’t spend any money — see if we luck out and win a few games, then hint that we’re geniuses for having done better than expected.”

If your answer to all of the above is “Yes” — no, make that “Hell, yes!” — you’ll want to go to the website and meet and mingle with others who feel the same way. Their missions is loud and clear:

The time for the Wilpons to sell the REST OF the NY Mets is NOW. Join the movement!

If you are a frustrated Mets fan then our shirts will help you express that frustration. is about motivating the Wilpons to realize that the time to sell the rest of the Mets in TOTAL is now. Anything less than selling their entire majority stake in the team and hitting the road is unacceptable. They claim to care greatly about the team and want it to succeed. They want to bring a World Series Championship to the Mets. Their time to do so has come and gone.

Help us motivate them to sell the team. Buy a shirt for $19.86 (as in the last year we won a World Series) and sign our petition today!”

Their shirts — inscribed with such sentiments as “Ya gotta bereave,” “Shea Goodbye to Fred and Jeff,” and “Who Mad-off With My Team?” — would make dandy Christmas and Hanukkah presents.