A Boozy Gift Guide For Every Holiday Party Invitation


Holiday parties are starting this weekend, meaning it’s time to get druuuunk. You’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got an ample supply of Blowfish and other hangover remedies, but if you’re attending holiday parties this season, you should probably come prepared with a gift. Booze is always a good one, because everyone likes drinking, and if someone doesn’t like drinking, they most certainly have a friend who likes drinking, and can regift it at another holiday party. Booze is also good because there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll open it at the party, making you the happy receipient of your own gift. Here’s what to buy for everyone in your life.

Your Boss: Macchu Pisco La Diablada
Why: Because you want your boss to see that you’re the kind of person who can think outside the box. The grape-based Peruvian spirit is uncommon, but it’s also having a moment right now, and for good reason: Who doesn’t love a good pisco sour? Include a handwritten recipe for your favorite pisco sour with this gift for bonus points. It’s on the more expensive side, but of everyone, spend the money on your boss. Remember, bonus season is upon us. About $40.

Your Girlfriend: Ron Zacapa Centenario 23
Why: This Guatemalan rum is made with sugarcane juice instead of molasses and is aged and blended using the solera method traditionally used for sherries. It’s on the sweet side with rich caramel and vanilla notes, making it great in classic cocktails, but is smooth enough to drink straight. Super-tasty. About $35.

Your Boyfriend: Hudson Corn Whiskey
Why: Most liquor shelves are well stocked with aged whiskey, but moonshine-like unaged whiskeys are still pretty unique. This New York-based spirit is bright and crisp, but still great for whiskey aficionados. About $30.

Your Parents: Bruichladdich’s Botanist Gin
Why: Gin just makes a good gift for parents. Who isn’t down with a gin gimlet? And because they’re your parents and you’ll have access to the liquor cabinet, you’re really looking for a gift for yourself. This gin, made in Islay of all places, contains 22 botanticals, giving it a great flavor and clean finish. About $35.

Your Significant Other’s Parents: Brooklyn Gin and Breukelen Gin combo
Why: Most likely your significant other’s parents don’t live in Brooklyn. They’ll probably find it really quaint that the borough is home to not one brand of gin, but two. And then you can all have a taste-off, meaning everyone will be twice as drunk and everything will be less awkward. About $40 and $35, respectively. (Like bosses, these people deserve pricier booze.)

Your Bestie: Bulleit Bourbon
Why: Because this is a great, well-priced bourbon that will always be needed throughout the year, and will certainly be used. You’re already besties, so you don’t need to impress with weird craft spirits or something super-expensive. Just go for a classic. About $25.

Your Frenemy: Frosting-flavored Cupcake Vodka
Why: Because this is embarrassing to own. Give it to your frenemy with a big smile, claiming, “I saw this in the store and thought it just had your name all over it.” About $19.

Your Little Sibling: Lindemans Framboise
Why: OK, you probably shouldn’t actually get your kid sibling some booze, but if you do, get them this raspberry-flavored lambic. It’s easily drinkable, it’s low in alcohol, and it tastes like the best berry soda ever, plus you’ll be able to introduce them into the whole craft-beer thing early. It’s also cheap, and teens can’t appreciate expensive booze just yet, anyway. About $6.