Cook Like Katniss Everdeen with the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook


OMFG, the Hunger Games movie is just a few months away, and really, who isn’t secretly super-excited for the teen post-apocalyptic book trilogy to make it to the big screen? Watching the trailer on repeat is pretty fun and all, but now comes an even better way to sate your appetite — literally — until the film comes out. Someone has published The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook!

Written by Emily Ansara Baines, a 26-year-old substitute teacher, the book features 150 recipes for rustic, gamy fare (sounds trendy!) including fried squirrel and raccoon in bacon drippings and “groosling,” which is a type of wild bird found in the arena. For now, there’s only one review on Amazon of the book, which says the recipes are good in theory but are rather impractical. Shocker.

According to The Wall Street Journal, cooking dishes from popular fantasy books represents a new niche for publishers; it also illustrates a new point in fan fiction. While the culinary merit of the books might not always be up to par (ahem, Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook), they at least provide some food for thought.