Joe My God and Dan Savage Raising Money for Funeral of Jacob Rogers, Anti-Gay Bullying Victim


Joe Jervis of Joe My God (the political blog honored last night at the Voice web awards), Dan Savage (whose syndicated column appears weekly in the Voice) and the website Towleroad are all raising money for the funeral of Tennessee teenager Jacob Rogers, who committed suicide yesterday.

As Jervis reported, “Rogers killed himself after complaining about anti-gay bullying from his classmates that had forced him to drop out of school. Rogers left suicide notes that included the passwords for his phone and his email so that authorities could view what he had endured.”

Jervis also reports that:

the family of Jacob Rogers does not have the money for a funeral. Today JMG, Towleroad, and Dan Savage at Seattle’s Stranger are posting the below Paypal donation link. Savage is capping the donations at $5000. Anything over that amount will go to the Trevor Project, GLSEN, and the It Gets Better Project. I’m kicking in with $20 to get things rolling here. If your situation allows, please consider making a small donation too.”

Jervis’ full post is here. Here’s the link Savage’s home paper the Stranger has set up at Paypal to aceeptl donations for the Jacob Rogers fund.