Mayor Bloomberg Congratulates @ElBloombito For Winning a Village Voice Web Award


The Village Voice Web Awards were last night, have you heard? People won stuff. People drank and it led to hangovers. And it looks as though Mayor Bloomberg/whoever runs his Twitter was in the loop, because his account tweeted a message of congratulations last night to @ElBloombito, winner of Best Parody Twitter Account:

We missed the tweet — at the time we were too busy developing the hangover which was supposed to be treated with the Blowfish that we lost — but DNA Info picked up on it and also got a quote from a pleased Rachel Figueroa-Levin, who runs @ElBloombito.

She told them, “I’m once again tickled (and grateful) that Mayor Bloomberg isn’t cross over the El Bloombito parody. Either he hasn’t read the tweets or he has an AMAZING sense of humor. Or both. He’s a classy mayor.”

We’ll second the mayor: congrats to @ElBloombito and to all the other winners!

Update 7:41 p.m.: @ElBloombito has very graciously thanked us (in Spanglish of course):