New Museum Raising Admission Prices For Carsten Höller Exhibit


The Carsten Höller Experience exhibit at the New Museum has been running since October and is extremely popular. It features a three-story slide and also Psycho Tank, a “heavily salinated sensory deprivation tank” where people can take off their clothes and float. (There are showers on premises, FYI.)

The prospect of sliding down a slide and floating nude in a salty pool is so popular, in fact, that the museum is raising the price of admission from $12 to $16.

Admission for seniors went from $10 to $14 and the student price went to $12 from $8.

The museum is using the extra money to pay for the increased staff it needs to get people through the three-story exhibit. A rep for the New Museum told Newyorkology that “Due to unprecedented attendance for the Carsten Höller exhibition and increased staffing needs, we have increased admission prices.” She added that the increase wouldn’t be permanent.

To go down a slide for free, you can always check out the nearest playground.