NYU to Offer an Occupy Wall Street Class Next Semester


Occupy Wall Street is now official enough to enter the halls of higher education. Next semester, NYU’s department of Social and Cultural Analysis will offer a course called “Cultures and Economies: Why Occupy Wall Street?”

The course description:

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are catching on across the United States, linking with popular discontent with economic inequality and financial greed and malfeasance around the globe. This course is designed to provide a background for these momentous events. We will examine the long history of finance, the impact of financialization on empires and regimes historic and present, and the sources and impact of economic, political, social and cultural inequalities. We will also investigate the conditions for challenges, uprisings and change. In addition, this course focuses on the relationship of “the economy” to broad histories of U.S. and global political cultures. Each week we will explore a set of issues, events, theories and approaches to economic topics, as we also consider the impact of social cleavages of race, class, gender, sexuality, region, religion and other factors. We will collaboratively analyze different ways of understanding U.S. cultures and economies in a global context, working to identify the factors that have shaped the world we now inhabit.

There’s also a graduate-level class. No word on what the readings will be, though we’re thinking the Occupy book might be on the list.

The course will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:55 to 6:10 at the NYU building at 194 Mercer Street, if anyone’s planning to go there and mic-check or whatever. NYU kids: we checked online it looks like there are still spaces.

We’ve put in a call to Lisa Duggan, the professor who will be teaching the course, and will update if we hear back.

[via NYO]