DJ Jonathan Toubin Injured In Freak Car Crash; Benefits For Him At Home Sweet Home And Motor City Tonight


Jonathan Toubin, the man behind the sweaty, soul-drenched New York Night Train parties, is in a Portland hospital after a taxi crashed into his hotel room and landed on top of him while he slept yesterday. Toubin was in Portland to spin at a Thursday night party and he was staying at the Jupiter Hotel; his room was on the ground floor.

While being transported to the ambulance, Toubin was apparently able to talk and move his hands and legs “slightly,” according to the Oregonian (which has full details on the grisly scene); as of 3 a.m., he was in critical condition at the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland. Two benefits to help raise money for his expenses have already been scheduled for tonight (at Home Sweet Home, where Toubin was scheduled to DJ, and Motor City Bar), and more are doubtlessly on the way. The flyer for tonight’s events is below.

SOTC will have more information on his condition as it trickles in, but right now, all hopes for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE (1:30 p.m.): A note from his agent (via Vice): “A paypal account has been started for his recovery, you can paypal funds of love and words of support to This will be the most direct source to helping Jonathan and his family. Thanks. xoxo”