Happy Hour at Pig ‘n’ Whistle Times Square


If your idea of an Irish pub is a bro-filled bar blasting European house music, look no further than Pig ‘n’ Whistle Times Square.

This watering hole, despite its flaws (frattiness, noisiness, frattiness …), has an interesting history and a sort of rough charm that just couldn’t be sterilized by the nearby Disney store.

On a recent evening, for example, a young, drunk patron offered to teach this reporter Irish swear words for free — so it’s clearly one of the better places to drink in that area.

The Pig ‘n’ Whisle (145 West 47th Street) used to be in the Rockefeller Center, in the Old Townhouse of President Taft. Due to great bar food and Gallic good humor, so the story goes, the place became “the meeting place for New York’s literary and banking elite.”

Much more important, though: For an overpriced, touristy part of town, the venue offers competitive happy-hour specials — $5 Budweisers and chandonnays from 4 to 7 p.m.