Is This the Best Parallel Parking Job Ever?


Terrible confession: We don’t drive — regularly, anyway — and we never learned how to make this sort of parallel parking magic happen. But it looks pretty effing fancy. Look at the wheels shimmy! This happened in New York City, in Bushwick, recently.

Gothamist writes, “the tipster who sent us this video says, ‘I was leaving for work the other day and noticed a parked car that was boxed in tight. It was gone that night when I came home, but the cars in front and back were still there. Curious, I checked my security camera.'”

And thank goodness he did. Driving instructors, you can all retire now. Until someone develops a hyper-space button, it’s never gonna get better than this.

Video: Virtuoso Parallel Parking In Bushwick, Caught On Surveillance Cam [Gothamist]