Memo to Tom Coughlin: Win Sunday or Pack It In


How important is Sunday’s Giants-Cowboys game to New York’s immediate future? Let’s lead with one truly eye-popping fact: If the Giants lose to Dallas, they’ll have lost, in the space of five weeks, to all four NFC division leaders. I don’t know if that has ever happened in team history; if it has, I don’t want to know about it.

Sandwich in a loss to the Eagles, and Big Blue has been outscored 87-131 over the last four games. Do you think that even if the Giants through some miracle make it to the postseason that their performance since losing to San Francisco on November 13 bodes well for them?

The previous four weeks haven’t been a fluke. The Giants have been outscored by their opponents this year 287-315 and are very lucky to be going into this game at 6-6. Let’s admit it: They should be 5-7 or worse and the season should already, for all intents and purposes, be over. When all you’ve got to show for your first 12 games is a whine because the zebras blew a call in the Green Bay game — as if bad balls weren’t a part of football and the Giants haven’t had their share of blown calls over the years — you may as well pack it in.

That’s what I think the Giants are going to do on Sunday. I think it’s going to be one of the most embarrassing performances of the Coughlin era, and that’s saying something. I know, I keep saying this over and over, but I’m finally starting to see others say it as well: Tom Coughlin has only been slightly better than mediocre for this eight years in New York — his overall record is just 75-57 — and the team doesn’t look to be getting better.

If the Giants lose to the Cowboys — and trust me, they will — they’ll be 6-7 with three games left to play. What will the front office have to gain by waiting till the end of the season before firing Coughlin? Why not start to break in some new applicants — see if there is anyone in the ranks who can fill in the spot for next season? Let’s see, at least, if there’s someone on the coaching staff who can reverse the annual second half swoon we’ve come to expect from Coughlin’s teams.

BTW, one Giant who almost certainly will be gone over the winter is Brandon Jacobs, who once again this week has earned more ink for what he says than for what he produces. I’m going to miss the big guy, and after listening to his eloquence in response to comments from Eagles fans — video-cammed before the game in Philly earlier this season — I have no doubt that he has a postseason career waiting for him in professional debating.