SMERSH, Scientology Breakthroughs, and a Funeral: Sailing on the Apollo, Dec 4 – 10


On November 18, we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s previously unpublished “Orders of the Day,” which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from 1968 to 1971, and this time we’re looking at what was happening the week of December 4 through 10 during those years.

After the jump, LRH names the evil entity that is trying to sabotage Scientology…


December 8: We found quite a few nice items to excerpt this week, and right off the bat we get a doozy…


We are continuing to make progress against the enemy who has shot at us and the planet for 18 years.

The code name he now has is “SMERSH” (from 007 fame) and his branch offices are “Black Hats.”

He is oddly enough on both sides of existing political parties except in SA where he is mainly UP.

This was a hidden government. It aspired to world domination! If you can imagine a psychiatrist in such a role. He meant to eradicate all boundaries and constitutions and put himself in beside each general and public figure and “treat” them each week. Wonder what it would be like to be governed by shock cases.

Red as paint, he was really having a ball.

We were in his road. Because we were fully effective. We undid his implants. A real psychotherapy had come along. This was not part of his plans. He shot at Scn to discredit it. Because it was effective.

It would be a public service just to get them off the world’s back.

Recently a check showed that we had never seen or heard of an “insane” person who had not been in their hands. And the question arises, is there any insanity at all? That is not manufactured by them?

One’s first impulse on reading their literature (which is all about world conquest and not about cases as you’d think) is to laugh. Then one realizes they’ve really got people thinking that way.

So it is quite obvious that western governments are fantastically weak and very unaware. They cannot or will not protect their people or their institutions.

Thus, only one course is left open. To get rid of SMERSH and their thousands of kills weekly.

Oddly enough, we’re doing just that.

The one BIG mistake they made was to attack Scientologists. Which they did from hiding for 18 long years.

It set us back, kept our field upset, our staffs enturbulated. But it also made us get tough and grow strong.

SMERSH was the hidden government. Long may it fail.


From the same dispatch…


The Commodore’s session was disturbed shortly after noon today by banging noises on B deck. Occupants of cabins 134-138 (directly below his cabin) and any persons using B deck, port side, passage way should not have to be reminded that the Commodore researches daily, and anyone who disturbs this goes overboard.

W/O Janet Guilford
Commmodore’s Steward

December 9: A day after his SMERSH declaration, LRH points to evidence that someone was listening…


The Wog News item of 50 members of a ring being rounded up in Spain who intended to assasinate several leading Spanish Politicians (8 Dec 68 OOD) just could be the result of our comm and warning to the Spanish government re SMERSH.

They evidently deal in political assassination as every major assassin in the last several years saw one of their members just before the assassination and was defended afterwards by one.


From the same dispatch, some unequivocal words about prices…

In answer to Income Clerk’s query, the following points apply with No exceptions:

1. Persons leaving SEA ORG get billed for all their courses they may have incurred as FULL price.

2. A Course whether finished or just started is always charged for at full price.

3. Reviews are paid for by the hour and at full price — includes the leaving Review.

4. If the person has worked at an Advanced Org prior to coming to Sea Org any courses they may have incurred whilst there are also billed for at full price.

We are not in the business of free services and arrangements must be made prior to the person leaving regarding meeting weekly payments for the debt he has incurred with the Sea Org.

Lt. Robin Roos


December 4: Anyone know where Lynn Moore is today?

Congratulations to Lynn Moore, she’s CLEAR!


December 7


I have just made a fantastic tech breakthrough.

For some days I have been spending hours each day on a Personality Change Research Project. I find it is not Personality but anti-social behavior that neither the person nor anyone else likes that is the change point.

And I did it. I’ve got it.

All cases benefit as it speeds exteriorization. It makes OT far more OT faster. Also it resolves the slow case gain case, the no case gain case, also the psychopathic personality and the criminal. The violent and depressed, the well and the sane area all covered now by one process series where the person will sit still.

The Dianetic folder of a pc is used and what’s already in it is reworked. It gives a schedule somewhat like this (not finalized):

1. 2 way comm and mimicry
2. TRs (case gain from)
3. Scn singles
4. Dianetic triples
5. Scn triples
7. Power
8. R6EW
9. Clear
10. OT Grades

6 and 11 are the added actions but they can be run almost anywhere that the pc is made auditable.

The substancde of it is to attain at 10 the Really You, one’s Basic Personality and full OT Power.

But as a single breakthrough it is ver important as it opens the door not only to fast gains but also rids the universe of oppression.

There WAS a common denominator to all cases good and bad.

SO SAVE THOSE DIANETIC RECORDS AND WORKSHEETS. They are reused in this action and zoom!

Just continue as always on your road up. Nothing is changed. Something has been added that needs all the rest of what we can do.

A Class VI is required to audit it.

You wanted to Clear the planet and end off SPs on the track. Well, boy, we’ve really got it!

It’s been a valuable several days. Thank you for keeping things cool and going so I could work.


From the same dispatch…


The crew is asked to give contributions to the Chaplain Gilbert Black for a Headstone for Corrie’s body’s grave.

I will pay the balance of the cost.

The Ship’s Rep is to see to getting one made.

At the funeral the services went beautifully smooth and serene. The casket lead-lined, was a fine piece of wood carving and the cemetery is a quiet scene of magnolia and jacaranda trees.

A headstone is needed. I will give the Ship’s Rep the inscription. I thought the crew would like to contribute something in memory of their shipmate.


December 8


The law banning Scn in Western Australia has been thrown out by the high court of WA. We lost in a lower court but won on the higher court. The law is declared nul and void.

This is a big win that counts heavily in other areas. We’re on the road back thanks to MSH and the Gdn Office WW and ANZO and A/G Perth.



December 8


I am very happy with recent technical and administrative advances and very optimistic concerning the potentiality of total success on this planet. Suddenly it is within practical reach.


December 10

…We are unstalling cases at a fabulous rate.

The planetary campaign is lined up on this. Apparently, as people bought it, the psychologists judge on behavior that its all a jungle and that all men are animals.

So evidently there’s a grade of “animal” according to the very best professors.

Looking it over, modern “education” and all, we then have the job of moving people up on this course of action with which there would be wide agreement due to teachings in universities.

Animal + Technique Zed = Human Being + Dianetics to Grade IV = Homo Novis + Power, R6EW and CC = Clear + OT grades to OT VII = Operating Thetan + what research I’m now doing equals ( ).

So its a possibly acceptable scale of

( )

There are a lot of in betweens and a lot of tech but those are the major points.

Anyway, we’re rolling it up the line on Flag to put the whole ships company on up to Solo and pick up all the out grades below it.

The time per case on the basic rundown we’re using hasn’t been added up. Probabaly 4 to 8 hours. That’s about, at a guess, 1080 hours for the actual rundown. However there are current pgms and cycles on some cases. So call it to be generous 2000 hours. That’s a couple months to repair cases and complete the basic action. Call it 1 February, to include any new persons arriving or new FEBCs. That gives the whole company the basic rundown, should put quite a few on . Dn and Exp Grades on the rest should be completed and the rest on Solo or completed Solo by early summer ’71!

You will see, however, the effects of all this (combined with organizing action possible through org breakthroughs) in just two or three weeks.

The place ought to be shedding sparks by 1 February!

Have a nice day!



December 4


So it turns out nobody wants to leave.

So Flag must not be such a bad place after all!


Hey, who can argue with that?

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