Wampum, Hamptons Skate Shop, Will Open SoHo Location Next Week


Skaters, take note: A new high-end skate shop is opening in SoHo next week. Wampum, a Bridgehampton skate boutique run by the Ficalora brothers (it’s located behind their mom’s jewelry store), is expanding into Manhattan.

Marley and Lennon Ficalora opened Wampum in June in Bridgehampton. Their mother, jewelry designer Helen Ficalora, owned a store on Main Street, and her sons, both lifelong skaters, decided to buy the space behind it to open a store specializing in skating and high-end fashion. The Ficalora brothers found it challenging. “We didn’t really sleep for the first two weeks,” said Marley Ficalora over the phone.

The brothers’ custom-designed screen printed skateboards and shirts and well-connected attitude (the Ficaloras recruit local graphic designers and musicians to perpetuate their brand) proved popular, and now Wampum is moving to New York. The Hamptons offseason is pretty slow, explained Ficalora, so the brothers are taking advantage of Manhattan’s year-round clientele to pitch their skate merch.

The brothers will be moving to the city — Marley works as an actor, Lennon as a film technician. Like a good skate store, Wampum will be skate-able, with angle iron and plywood surfaces all the better to test out the products. There’s an opening party on Sunday from 2-6, featuring refreshments and live music.