Animal Drink Coasters at Broadway Panhandler, Gift Suggestion #5


Aren’t they unspeakably cute? — and they protect the finish on your fine furniture, too.

Drink coasters are something of a retro-phenomenon. While our moms had several sets with different themes in neat stacks under the bar — to protect her good finish from Dad’s sloppy drinking habits — most of us just use a back issue of something nobody ever reads, like Time Out or Field & Stream. That’s why these pet animal coasters are such a good gift suggestion: Nobody has coasters anymore.

Like our colleagues at Runnin’ Scared, we’re also suckers for cute animals. In this case, the pets are dolled up to look like famous personages, or famous characters from fiction — and by fiction, we’re including TV and movies.

From left to right, starting in the top row, we have Mother Teresa of Calcutta; the Blues Brothers; Madonna (we’re not sure about that one); Amy Winehouse; Justin Beagle, oops, we mean Bieber; and Wonder Woman — a random collection of characters, if there ever was one, and guaranteed to have one among them to please every recipient.

For Goths, you’ll certainly want to pick one of the deceased characters. At any rate, all are certain to protect your furniture, if not themselves. And you may find your guests shedding a bitter tear when they put their tumbler of vodka down on Amy Winecat’s face.

Broadway Panhandler
65 East 8th Street

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