Charlize Theron Tells Me All!


Charlize Theron and I had a fun chat at a luncheon promoting her new dark dramedy, Young Adult, in which she deftly plays a woman who eerily believes she belongs with her high school boyfriend, even though they broke up 17 years ago and he’s married.

Charlize talked about her admiration for Meryl Streep for pioneeringly playing what appeared to be an unlikable woman in Kramer vs. Kramer, “but you didn’t hate her. You understood that she was just going through stuff.”

She’s also a fan of Frances McDormand, with whom she starred in the 2005 drama North Country.

Charlize told me that when they did red-carpet events together, Frances would turn up in a sensible skirt, “and I’m wearing a seven-pound Dior dress. I’d say, ‘You’re the smart one!'”

Charlize also loved Frances’s denim-jacket look on the last Tony Awards, a true act of sartorial courage.

“I don’t know if I’d have the balls,” she admitted. “I don’t go anywhere without my girdle!”

Especially after recently going to an amazing meal at Le Bernardin, I guess.

Charlize started describing the meal in enticing detail, saying she and her associate (who happened to be seated across from me) took pictures of the food.

“It’s like porno!” I squealed and Charlize grinningly agreed.

“Don’t let that tape get out,” I smirkingly added. “It could be a career killer.”

Was there a different wine with every course?

“She doesn’t drink,” said Charlize, meaning the associate.

“She’s the one who had to be walked out the door,” said the gal, laughing.

Rolled out!” I exclaimed, and we all giggled even louder.

An Oscar winner who’s personable and self-deprecating?

I could get used to someone like this.