Drunks Make Dumb Sexual Decisions: Study


Drunk people tend to have unsafe sex, a new study has found.

The results of the research, soon to be published in Addiction, come shortly after South African reports revealed equally shocking news — that drunk people often hook up casually.

According to The Times of India, booze is even more dangerous in the bedroom than previously thought, since it can “induce us to have unsafe sex.”

The paper notes that: “The more a person drink [sic], the stronger becomes his/her intention to engage in unsafe sex.”

Apparently, scientists needed to spend time and money on a study to determine that getting drunk aversely affects decision making.

Among the scientists’ more revolutionary discoveries: “This impact rises with the amount of alcohol consumed — the more alcohol that participants consumed, the higher their willingness to engage in unsafe sex.”

So yes, you can now thank science for proving what we’ve already known for years — that drunk, horny people tend to do things they’ll regret.