Madonna’s Super-Bowl Appearance: Here’s What The Gossips Are Saying


Over at the dishy site DataLounge, they’ve had a lot to say ever since Madonna was announced as halftime entertainment at the February 5 Super Bowl, making it a must-watch for people of all species and sexualities.

Among the more memorable comments:

Diana Ross appeared at her Super Bowl halftime show by arriving in a helicopter. Top that, Madge!”

“A raisin trying to pretend she’s still a grape.”

“Please don’t flash a nip. Please don’t flash a nip. Please don’t flash a nip …”

“Love her!”

“She’s so NOW! So hip and edgy!”

“Instead of entering through a tunnel, the game will start with all the players exiting her vagina.”

“If she can repeat something like her 2005 European VMAs performance, she’ll go down in Super Bowl history. The whole world was talking after that.”