Mayor Bloomberg Criticizes Obama Administration’s Decision on Plan B


A “haggard-looking and hoarse-voiced” Mayor Bloomberg critiqued U.S. Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ decision tp prohibit girls under 17 from buying the morning-after pill over the counter. On December 7, Sebelius overruled a decision by FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg to end age restrictions on the pill.

This morning during a q&a session with reporters before touring a health care job-placement center in Queens, the mayor expressed his disapproval of the Obama administration’s actions. According to Capital, the mayor said “[FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg] has a reputation as being a first-rate scientist and I think that her advice should be followed. It was based not on politics, it was based on real scientific research. Why Sebelius decided to overrule her, I don’t know, you’d have to address her.”

He continued:

“The bottom line is we have many too many out-of-wedlock births in this country, and yes, the people who say young girls shouldn’t get pregnant, they’re 100 percent right. We do, in the city, a lot to try to teach people and inform them of the consequences of being parents and the responsibilities and it would be much better if young girls didn’t get pregnant, but once that happens, I think that this should be available to anybody.”

Bloomberg said all of this just minutes before he was to embark on the tour with Sebelius herself. According to the Daily News, she told reporters that “I felt that the data presented, and justification for [making Plan B available to] all ages, did not match.”