Merry Christmas, Hipster! With Love From Metrocards, PBR, and Old Shoes


Happy holidays! This is when we cut down trees, decorate them with a billion lights and stars and shiny things, and watch them die. It’s also when we walk down sidewalks and inhale deeply and pretend, if only for a minute, that we live in the forest — and when we chug all of the cheap beers we can and stick them into a fence outside of McCarren Park in the general shape of a fir tree, along with some red and green shoes and a star made of Metrocards and a bunch of plastic bags, and call it Christmas. To each his own.

Miss Heather of New York Shitty snapped the above photo (and some others) of what the L Magazine is dubbing the “Hipster Christmas Tree.” As the Bible tells us, Brooklyn and the designation of hipster are never too far apart.

[Ed: We are going to take this moment to ask, in the spirit of Christmas, if we can stop the rote equation of hipster and Brooklyn in 2012, and if we can maybe, just maybe, retire the term “hipster” altogether. Wouldn’t that be festive?]

FYI: The “tree” is at the corner of Bedford and North 12th. Get your picture taken with it for this year’s cards now, before someone misidentifies it as trash and throws it away. If you’re behind this artistic creation, get in touch.

New York Shitty via The L Magazine
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