NYPD to Halt Crackdown on Adorable Disney Characters


Maybe there is justice in the world. The NYPD will no longer pursue and ticket with abandon the various fur-clad creatures bringing joy and frivolity (or, annoyance and hassling) to your Midtown commute. The plentitude of Minnie and Mickey Mice, Elmos, Pusses in Boots, Grinches, Spidermen, and Hello Kitties lurking in Times Square are now free to get voluntary tips from tourists after posing for photos with them, or cajoling them in whatever way they do, as long as it doesn’t involve blocking traffic, selling products or photos, panhandling, or being aggressive.

Note: The erstwhile crackdown may have been caused by a few bad Elmos. From the Daily News:

“A few Elmos chase people for tips,” said Girish [Spiderman] Dani. “That’s giving us a bad name. I heard one or two Elmos drink whiskey, and this could be an issue.”

Still, we vastly prefer a drunk muppet to that guy asking us where we get our hair done and if we like comedy. In fact, the only thing we dislike more than “comedy” is being stopped and asked inane questions when we’re on our way to get our picture taken with Elmo.

NYPD halts ticketing of Times Square Elmo and other costumed critters in the Midtown tourist destination [NYDN]