The Crosstown Bus at 42nd Street Just Got More Adorable


Attention everyone who likes their public transportation that much more when it comes with some history: Not only are the old-school subway trains back in business, there’s a vintage bus making the rounds on the M42 route across 42nd Street for this week only. It will make three round-trip circuits a day from Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., meaning it’s probably not all that effective for your commute, actually. But it’s nice to look at. (The video of the bus above is from 2007.)

The bus costs the usual old $2.25 and can take a contemporary Metrocard. This may be a sign the MTA is feeling Christmasy — the agency had previously said they wouldn’t run any antique buses this year due to costs.

Update: Here’s a photo of the bus that’s traversing 42nd Street this week. MTA Spokesman Kevin Ortiz tells us it’s a version that was “most prominent in the ’70s.”

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