Alcoholics Are Bad Parents: Study


Turns out, drunks have unhappy, unstable children, a new study from the U.K. has found.

Boozers’ kids wind up angrier and more anxious than other youth, the Daily Mail reports.

This finding — however unsurprising — originates from a popular alcoholism treatment program in England. About half of its patients are parents, the paper notes.

Drunks’ kids might experience eating disorders, depression, and psychosis in adulthood. These children are “also found to be more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol at an earlier age and to progress to problematic use.”

These same kids often miss school — sometimes because their parents just can’t make the trip, according to the paper.

Many moms surveyed felt that maternal pressures drove them to drink.

“I was trying to be Superwoman and I was too stubborn to ask for help,” one woman said. “I felt I had to be the best mother I could possibly be.”