Avocados: More Than Guac in NYC Restaurants


If you travel to Mexico, you’ll find that avocados are served practically everywhere — most frequently simply sliced and salted as a side dish. Unless you head to a restaurant specializing in avocado dishes, you won’t find the fruit blended into smoothies spiked with grapefruit soda or halved and stuffed with chili-spiked macadamia cream. Though if you’re there, you should definitely seek both out at La Terraza de la Trucha in Uruapan, a restaurant owned by a local avocado grower … talk about farm-to-table.

In New York, avocados are most frequently used in guacamole. Mashed and disseminated and scooped up with tortilla chips by margarita-soaked diners. However, if you look beyond the molcajete, you’ll find a bevy of green treats, no salty-fried accompaniment required.

At the East Village restaurant Yerba Buena, chef Julian Medina serves his avocados fried. A note to the toque yields the backstory:

“I came up with this dish once when I had to come up with avocado recipes — but everyone makes, guacamole, salad, even grilled avocado, and it occurred to me to fry the ripe avocado. I did fried avocado when we had tons of green avocados, and at a time when it was hard to get ripe avocados, I came up with avocado chips. After a few years I said let’s make avocado fries, nice and crispy and soft in the middle, and after the first time I made them, it has been a staple on my menu.”

Chef Medina has been serving up avocados for a number of years, but newbie Soho stud the Dutch is also utilizing the good-fat-filled fruit. There it’s served in an offaly offbeat way paired with beer-cooked tripe. The chunks of uncooked avo lend the rich “meat” fresh and creamy notes.

You may not think that avocados would make their way onto the dessert menu, but you’d be wrong. The fat content makes it a perfect ingredient for the pastry repertoire. At both Greenwich Village’s kiddie favorite Sundaes and Cones as well as the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory you’ll find your avocados in ice cream form.

For avocado with a little jiggle, look no further then Brooklyn-to-East Village transplant Hecho en Dumbo. Their Avocado and Lemon Panna Cotta comes in a lake of cantaloupe soup. Though it may not be the way our Southern neighbors would top off a meal, it’s certainly worthy of a spot on the dessert menu here.