Brooklyn Man Accused of 144 Counts of Sexually Assaulting Young Boys


CBS reported last night (the story was originally broken by the New York Post) that a Midwood man is accused of 144 counts of sexual abuse of two young boys. Andrew Goodman, 27, is charged with assaulting one boy aged 11-15 and another aged 13-16 from 2006 onward and taping it on a webcam. There don’t seem to be details yet of the exact nature of the crimes. It’s the latest sexual abuse case to make waves in the Orthodox Jewish community, following the shocking Leiby Kletzky murder case from over the summer.

Goodman lives on East 15th Street in Midwood and neighbors say they shot video of teenagers going in and out of his house in the early morning.

The case depends wholly on the word of the two young boys involved and is not a “slam dunk.”

CBS notes that in the last three years, 85 accused Orthodox child molesters have been charged with crimes involving 117 victims,and that 38 cases have been resolved including 14 convictions.

Goodman is being held at Rikers and his bail is set at $1 million.