Lucky 777 Chili Parlor Now Feeding MacDougal Street


Eateries specializing in single foodstuffs are all the rage these days, from the various meatball peddlers to the ever-growing number of grilled-cheese shops. And now comes Lucky 777 Chili (116 MacDougal Street, 212-777-2422), a shop devoted to, yep, different kinds of chili.

According to its website, Lucky 777 Chili Company was established in 2007 in North Salem, New York, and the name refers to the recipe for its original pork chili, made with seven porks (ground meats and sausages), seven sauces, and seven spices.

Located just a few storefronts down from another single-foodstuff eatery, Macaroni Macaroni, this new, neon-lit offshoot on MacDougal offers a turkey chili and a vegetarian chili made with seven different types of beans in addition to the classic pork option. Small cups are $5, while larger bowls are $9, and all the chilis come with unlimited toppings ranging from sour cream to nacho chips to tomatoes.

We decided to sample the famed pork-based chili, because how can you resist seven different kinds of pork? Although Texans will be dismayed to find beans in the chili, we’ve got to say that we enjoyed the savory snack, which was well-seasoned and full of flavor. It was somewhat on the sweet side and maybe not quite as spicy as other chilis out there, but on a blustery afternoon it hit the spot. Looks like someone has Lady Luck on their side.