‘Occupy Williamsburg’ Meeting Tonight at Union Pool, Obviously


Now that Occupy Wall Street no longer has a home, will it end up in Williamsburg? Well — probably not. But tonight some people are meeting up at Union Pool (of course) to talk about a possible “Occupy Williamsburg” movement.

The Facebook event description begins: “Many of us in Williamsburg have been involved in and inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS is not about abstract politics. It’s about unemployment, health care, dwindling social services, huge student debts, brutally expensive housing and bleak futures. In the most fundamental and personal ways, and in the places where we live them, OWS is a worldwide movement to reclaim our lives.”

What would it mean to Occupy Williamsburg? The goal of this first gathering of Occupy Williamsburg is to articulate and organize around this question.

The Williamsburg/Greenpoint re-zoning laws passed by the City Council in 2005 paved the way for a rapid, and continually jaw-dropping wave of gentrification. Yet even as luxury condos grow like weeds on the waterfront, artists’ spaces and small businesses get priced out and Starbucks’ presence on Bedord Ave. looms, there remains a dense interweaving of strong communities with intricate histories and both conflicting and common concerns

Coming together in solidarity with the broader spirit of OWS will allow us to articulate, understand and act on issues specific to our daily lives in Williamsburg. Zuccotti Park is over, but the occupy movement has only just begun. It’s moving home, to the places where we live, work and hang out.

Join us on Tuesday for the first discussion of this historical homecoming!

The event is from 7 to 10 p.m. at Union Pool, right next to the BQE. Stay tuned for whether or not this crew solves the problem of Williamsburg’s (already almost complete) gentrification.